Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Trump - 2016

Dear Friends and Followers (Yes, both of you);

From the beginning at Donald Trump's declaring he was running for the presidency I leaned his way.  I haven't now for a while.  In the early days and even in the past few months I have defended his stance on the border because of the misrepresentation of things he said by some of the media that then was repeated back to me.  That doesn't mean I support him.  I don't. 

I could cherry pick out all sorts of quotes and facts as to why I don't think he would not be right for the conservative movement.  I read them here on google + and CNN, Fox news and MSNBC and so forth.   You can too.   I like some of the ideas he puts forth and hate the way he puts them forth. 

Like so many others, I don't fully understand where his power lies.  He's been compared to tyrants of the past that do have a certain familiar ring to it as to how they came to power when compared to Trump.  I know to suggest that he would be like them is probably a stretch, yet… 

I was not put off by his characterization of "Illegal" Mexican's sneaking in to the U.S. I think he was partly right about that.  But, then it all goes downhill from there for me.  The first hit was when he denigrated Senator McCain as not being war hero.  Which McCain is.  I could overlook that for the sake of the rest of his package.  Then Trump declares there should be a hold on Muslims coming into the country.  I know what he is driving at, but all Muslims?  Too extreme in my view.  

Where my support for him went south fully is when he bowed out of the last Iowa debate because Megan Kelly was one of the moderators.  Really?   And then he hosted a veterans benefit where the money went to his general fund not to a VA group.  I'm sure he contributes plenty to such groups, but it was disingenuous of him.  From that point on, things he would say and the bully fashion in which he would say them has solidified my abandonment of him.  He says Planned Parenthood does wonderful things.  They slaughter hundreds of babies a day.  He accuses President Bush of lying to the country to go to war in Iraq.  That's been a far left liberal mantra for years.  He doesn't know who David Duke is?  He struggles to denounce the KKK.  I don't buy all that.  I think Trump is playing us.

Finally, Mitt Romney is not for him.  He hasn't come right out and said it.  He is not for Trump.  I am saddened by the mudslinging that  Trump has dragged the party down to.  Sure, there has been plenty in the past elections, but none like the tone we have now.  I think Trump is vindictive.  I think he would keep an enemies list like Nixon and wield his power of government agencies to make his enemies pay.  You think Obama has been bad.  I fear Obama would pale in the face of what Trump is capable of doing.  People argue that would be fine because he is conservative.  It wouldn't be fine if he was conservative which I don't think he is.  I think he is a clever liberal shrouded in a conservative cloak.  

I am for Cruz or Rubio.  I think one or the other would be just fine.  I lean a bit toward Cruz after listening to him often.  Rubio is smart too.  Both would be better picks than Trump.  I urge you not to support Trump.  The rest of the world doesn't respect the United States anymore because of Obama; I'm afraid the world would hate us because of Trump.